Flange Block Bearings

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Flange mounted bearings are used when the shaft axis is perpendicular to the bearing mounting surface.  They incorprate a sealed bearing that is preassembled into a flanged housing.  The housing contains a precision ground surface perpendicular to the bearing axis and two, three or four mounting holes, depending on the style.  The bearing can be unbolted and removed, which makes bearing replacement easier and faster than traditional rotary beairngs that must be press fit into a housing.  Flange mounted bearings can also support heavy loads, which protects the shaft from deflection, which could cause vibration or other damage.

The size of the bearing is important to consider when making a selection.

  • Shaft size specifies the maximum diameter of the shaft or the bore diameter of the bearing.

  • Height above mounting surface is important to take into consideration for low clearance applications.


QM INDUSTRIES QVFX28V415SEB Flange Block Bearings

22000 95mm
14000 1.5

QM INDUSTRIES QMC08J108ST Flange Block Bearings

60.000 mm 69500 N
Two Shields & Snap-R 3100 rpm

QM INDUSTRIES QMC08J108SB Flange Block Bearings

2.00 mm 3700 rpm
One Shield & Snap-Ri 130.0000 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QAACW11A204SO Flange Block Bearings

80.0000 mm 10000 rpm
40.000 mm 30.16 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QAC09A045SC Flange Block Bearings

85.725 mm 63.5 mm
225.425 mm 209.55 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QVVFY19V307SO Flange Block Bearings

64mm 8.80 KGS
659 2900

QM INDUSTRIES QMC09J112SEB Flange Block Bearings

4.763 mm SNW 134x5.13/16
37.306 mm 28.575 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QAC09A040SEB Flange Block Bearings

4 mm 0.8
60 mm 1.15 kg

QM INDUSTRIES QACW20A400SEO Flange Block Bearings

In Stock 2mm216wicrsum-timken
Standard 80mm

QM INDUSTRIES QVFY22V100SO Flange Block Bearings

2950 7332-b-mp-fag
Open Type 360

QM INDUSTRIES QVFKP26V408SEO Flange Block Bearings

One Shield & Snap-Ri 3200 rpm
130.000 mm 2.00 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QVFC22V312SEB Flange Block Bearings

16.80 KGS 1020
2000 23036ejw33c3-timken