Mounted Units & Inserts

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Mounted units consist of two basic components, the insert and the housing. Each mounted unit includes a sealed single-row ball bearing with spherical outside diameter and extended inner ring mounted in a pillow block or flanged housing. The spherical fit accommodates initial misalignment.

A variety of locking methods are available for close-fit shaft mounting as well as a complete range of sealing options for varying environments.

The bearing units are available in many different versions as a vertical bearing block, flange bearing block or clamping bearing unit. The units are ready for assembly and consist of housings made from cast iron or sheet steel into which the Y-bearings or clamping bearings are integrated. In order to ensure correct functioning under all operating conditions, bearings and bearing housings are matched with each other.

Due to the spherical shell of the bearing outer ring and the concave structure, the ball-shaped bore of the bearing housing can set itself lower to compensate for static misalignments. The units are normally used as fixed bearings, but in the case of low loads and speeds, they are also suitable as floating bearings. The housing units can be attached to the connecting construction with screws. There are no high requirements for the mounting surfaces.

AMI UCMFL209-28MZ20 Mounted Units & Inserts

Bearing Steel No
No J7

AMI MUCLP204NP Mounted Units & Inserts

-20 °C 49.2 mm
83 mm M6x1

AMI MUCLP202NP Mounted Units & Inserts

48 6901
Available 7 Days

AMI MUCLP205-15NP Mounted Units & Inserts

51.8 kN 2.06 kg
-20 °C 130 mm

AMI MUCLP201-8NP Mounted Units & Inserts

Thick Wall SH33M
Bearing Steel 65

AMI MUCLP201NP Mounted Units & Inserts

Available Clear Anodize
60 [Aluminum Alloy] 201

AMI UCT209-27C4HR5 Mounted Units & Inserts

Non/No 0.6 mm
2 mm P0

AMI UCT209-26C4HR5 Mounted Units & Inserts

2.59 3
370 mm 2,600 kN

AMI UCT207-22C4HR5 Mounted Units & Inserts

4.48 52 mm
0.44 Hz 565 kN

AMI UCMP207-23MZ2RF Mounted Units & Inserts

T Type Bearing holder set,
A2017 No

AMI UCT208C4HR5 Mounted Units & Inserts

104 Double
6206 80