Sleeve Bearings

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    Sleeve bearings use sliding motion instead of rolling elements to carry heavy loads. Plain bearing bushings, which resemble a simple metal sleeve, absorb and distribute friction from rotating shafts. They are less durable than ball and roller bearings, but they are easy to install and operate. Hydrodynamic bearings replace bearing rolling elements with a continuous flow of water or oil. They can carry heavy loads up to several tons and have a long lifespan due to constant lubrication and no metal-to-metal contact. Clip bearings mount in sheet metal plate bore holes to support shafts. They have an angled slit so the bearing can safely expand in hot, humid environments. Clip bearings are easy to install and are self-aligning to fit into imprecisely formed sheet metal.

The features of Sleeve bearings:

  • They are about 1 to 3 decibels quieter as compared to ball bearings.
  • In an extremely low temperature environment, they have a longer expected lifetime.
  • They are cheaper in cost as compared to ball bearings.

 Sleeve bearings are much more efficient and less noisier, hence, they are widely used for applications like industrial motors which rotate at high speeds, or high-speed turbo machines.

BOSTON GEAR M1113-12 Sleeve Bearings

1 mm 1
-20 to +120 &de 1940 RPM

BOSTON GEAR M1018-18 Sleeve Bearings

1.3438 in Non-Expansion Bearin
Max 220° FB

BOSTON GEAR M1018-16 Sleeve Bearings

Uncoated Round
KAK Lubrication Fitting

BOSTON GEAR M1018-12 Sleeve Bearings

RCI Non-Expansion Bearin
Felt Seal Max 225°

BOSTON GEAR M1016-24 Sleeve Bearings

PBT Thermoplastic Open
4410 lbf UE206-20MZ20

BOSTON GEAR M1016-20 Sleeve Bearings

0.020 in 3926904590.US
Guardian® Flange 29602-4580

BOSTON GEAR M1016-18 Sleeve Bearings

MB 12 Lock Washer (MB
Steel HMV 12 E

BOSTON GEAR M1016-16 Sleeve Bearings

Open Type 100mm
13mm 6000

BOSTON GEAR M1016-12 Sleeve Bearings

Round Normal Duty
Labyrinth 2-3/8 in

BOSTON GEAR M1016-8 Sleeve Bearings

1.7500 in VF4S 200
0.5000 in 0.5938 in

BOSTON GEAR M1015-20 Sleeve Bearings

W16 For Lock Washer
15.342 mm W 16

BOSTON GEAR M1015-12 Sleeve Bearings

Double Seal ANSI/ABMA 18.2,
15000 RPM Open Ends